Orders placed from the 23rd and 24th of December aren’t guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas Day.


Q. What currency is on the website? 
A. The base currency is USD, however you can   switch the currency converter at the bottom of the Home Page to your preferred currency. 

Q. When ordering; where do I put my and the receiver's details? 

A: The Shipping side is for the recipient. Please put receiver's name, address and two contact numbers if possible. 

The Billing side is for the buyer. Please put your name and contact phone number. 

Q. I do not have an address for my recipient and I also do not know where they live. 

A: We will require a contact name and their contact number to ring and ask for directions before we proceed. After we have established all the required information; we will inform you then you can place your order. 

Q. I have placed an order and I am concerned that my recipient will not be home at the time of delivery. 

A. We always make sure we ring the recipient to arrange an estimated delivery time to make sure there is someone home. 

Q. What information do I need to provide for my recipient to pick up fuel after I make a purchase?

A. Please send us receiver's full name and ID number via WhatsApp or Text Message to +61 411 743 677. 

You will be provided with the details of where they pick up fuel.

Q. Do you deliver fuel? 

A. No, it's a pick up service. 

Q. Can my recipient pick up groceries instead of them being delivered? 

A. We do not have pick up facilities at this stage. All orders are delivered. 

Q. What information do I need to send after paying for someone to be seen by a Doctor?

A. Please send the patient's full name and prefered appointment time via WhatsApp or Text Message to +61 411 743 677 and we will send you the doctor's details and a confirmation of the booking. We are working on an online booking system.

Q. How do we order medication through your service? 

A. Prescription medication orders are processed manually. Please send the medication details (prescription) to +61 411 743 677 via WhatsApp or Text message. 

B. Some “over the counter'' medication can be purchased via the website under Pharmacy [https://theluckyway.com.au/collections/pharmacy]. If your required medication are not available on the website please let us know by sending a WhatsApp Message or regular Text message -+61 411 743 677.

Q. Where can the recipient pick up medication? 

A. We have various Centres in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and Kwekwe where they can pick up. These Centres will be availed to you after payment has been made to us. 

We can also deliver to any town and our standard delivery fees apply. 

Q. Can I change items in a Grocery Pack? 

A. You can ADD, REMOVE or SWAP items. After you pick the pack, you can make a note of the changes you would like when you checkout. 

Q. Can I send money through your service? 

A. You can send money (cash USD) to your loved ones through us WITH your purchases. 

Minimum purchase: $80AUD/$55US/£45/€50. 

For NO extra fee. 

We DO NOT send money on its own.

Applies to DELIVERY orders NOT Medication pickup orders, otherwise fees apply.

Q. How do I get in touch with you? 
A. Due to different times zones, work load, all correspondences to us should be via WhatsApp Text , Regular Text to +61411743 677 or by sending an email to info@theluckyway.com.au

We will respond to you in a timely manner. 

Q. How do I return a faulty product? 
For returns you can contact us via:
1. Email info@theluckyway.com.au
2. Send us a WhatsApp/Text message to +61411 743 677
3. Facebook Page- The Lucky Way.